Reporting for duty

When you send your email out, do you keep a close eye on the report to see who is reading it? Do you analyse your latest campaign and compare this to your previous one? These are just two tips to get you started on improving the open and click through rates of your campaigns.

In this article we are going to focus on our reports section and how you can use this to make the most of your next email marketing campaign.

Compare campaigns

With our Compare Campaigns feature you can compare any of your previous email campaigns in the reports section against each other. This will allow you to review how many clicks each campaign received, as well as compare the open rates. What was the difference in subject line and how did this affect the campaign statistics?


Take a look at the differences between link click rates in your previous email campaigns. What worked? What didn't work? Maybe it's time for a refresh or move some of the links at the bottom to be higher up in the email to get them noticed. What is the goal for this campaign? Make sure your calls to action are clear and as mentioned above – if certain links or articles are not popular consider removing them.

Don’t be anti social

Add Twitter and Facebook share buttons to your email campaigns to allow your recipients to share your email. This can help you get more exposure and increase your overall reach by sharing your email campaigns with their Twitter or Facebook followers. It is also worth placing a forward to friend link in your email so this can also be used if any recipients want to.

I also advise adding links to your own Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts so any of your subscribers can find you on these social network sites to encourage an increase to your followers.

Ask your followers to subscribe

Add a link on your website and in your company email signature asking people to subscribe to email updates from you. Also mirror this on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media websites. Post updates on Facebook and Twitter encouraging traffic to your email subscription page, once or twice a week for a month, to see if this results in any increase to your rate of signups. Then you can see which method works best to encourage new subscribers.

Target non openers

Run a campaign for anyone who has not opened a previous email campaign. Make this campaign unique for these non openers; don’t just resend your previous campaign. Mention that they did not open the campaign and show them what they missed out on, maybe provide them with a discount code or special offer to tempt them.