Welcome or double opt-in emails, which is better?

By setting up a welcome or double opt-in email, you can automatically have NewZapp send an email you have created once someone subscribes. So no matter what time it is or even if you are fast asleep the email will go out once someone subscribes to your email list.

If someone was browsing around your shop wouldn't you ask if there was anything you could help them with or if they were looking for anything in particular? This welcome email is your best opportunity to convert your subscribers into customers, to show them what you can offer them with your products and services.

What is the difference?
A welcome email would be an email sent to the subscriber immediately after they subscribe. This would usually have a thank you message and gives you an opportunity to show them what you have on offer or any areas of your website that would interest them.

The example below is a welcome email I got from Homebase once I had subscribed. Notice that the logo and 2 helping icons at the top to navigate directly to the homepage or to the Store Locator section. The text is in a larger font to stand out, and to thank you for subscribing.

Also they have added a row of bullet points pointing to other areas of the website that might be helpful for a new subscriber, followed by an obvious green button to their website.

A double opt-in email is an email where the subscriber must confirm their subscription in order to be added into the account. This is a great option if you wish to build your database full of confirmed opt-in data. This will reduce the number of invalid email addresses or subscriptions that are made by mistake.

Groupon’s double opt-in email below is a great example as they have asked you to confirm your newsletter subscription twice, once in the header and then in the first line of the email.

They have kept the branding in line with their website as well as making the amount of links in the email minimal and the call to action clear. You just can’t miss the confirmation link, again in a slightly larger font on a bright orange coloured button that just cries “click me….”.

But why should I send a welcome or double opt-in email?
  • It confirms to them that the subscription is complete
  • It’s instant; whether it is 2pm or 4am the subscriber will get the email straight away
  • It gives you a chance to guide them to areas of interest on your website
  • It is like someone physically walking into your shop; a way to greet them and ask if you can help

Give an incentive
Another great idea is to give away something for free like a PDF guide or a discount as an incentive for signing up. So with a welcome email you can create the email to contain the download link for the subscriber to click or show a discount code they can use straight away.

What else can I include in the welcome email?
  • A message to say "Thank You for subscribing"
  • Let them know when they can expect to hear from you
  • Offer a discount code or free shipping for signing up
  • Link to areas of interest on your site, your "sale" items or even blog posts and videos

How to set a welcome or double opt-in email via NewZapp
  • Settings tab
  • Preferences
  • Subscriber sign-up - here you will have the choice of setting a welcome or double opt-in email and be able to select which email campaign you would like to use. Please note you can only select a campaign that has already been sent, even if it's just a test to yourself.