5 common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

We're all guilty of making the odd mistake when it comes to email marketing, so we thought it was time we take a look at some of the most common ones and how you can avoid making them next time around.

Messing up email personalisation
When experimenting with email personalisation be very careful with your personalisation tags. The last thing you want is to send an email that is supposed to read ‘Dear John’ but instead you end up with ‘Dear firstname’.

The personalisation tag within NewZapp is @firstname@, but forget to include those little @ symbols or spell it wrong and you can say goodbye to any personalisation.

If you don’t have first names for everyone in your subscriber list but still want to personalise your email, we recommend going with ‘Hi’ to start. Unlike ‘Dear’ or ‘To’, ‘Hi’ doesn't need a follow on name to make sense. When you use ‘Hi @firstname@’ within NewZapp but you don’t actually have the person’s first name, it will simply convert to ‘Hi’.

Not sending test emails
If you don’t send tests, how are you going to proof your email? You want to make sure the email is displaying correctly, your links are working and your images are loading.

While everything looks fine and dandy with the email when you're creating and previewing it, the chance of it looking completely different in the inbox is highly likely. This is because email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc.) all render HTML differently, so how your email will look in the inbox depends on the email client it’s sent to. For this reason we highly recommend sending tests to all the major email clients or using a testing system like Litmus. Oh, and don’t forget to send tests to your colleagues for proofreading.

Emailing the wrong people
So you've created this amazing email, proofed it and sent it out only to realise you sent it to the wrong people. To avoid this from happening the best thing you can do is be careful, overly careful!

Within NewZapp you have the means to create groups for your subscribers. This is ideal for segmenting your database and ensuring you send to the correct people.  Just make sure your groups are clearly labelled and indicate exactly who is in that group or on that list you just uploaded.

Not designing for mobiles
With the widespread acceptance of smart phones and tablets, proper email rendering in mobile devices has become crucial to the success of your email marketing campaigns, but finding a way to deliver an email that renders correctly in all screen sizes is a challenge.

Currently, most marketers create a separate email for mobile users and deliver it based on subscriber preferences or provide a link in their email to open a mobile-friendly version in the device’s web browser. But by taking advantage of some new coding techniques it’s now possible to deliver both desktop and mobile-friendly versions automatically depending on which device the email is viewed on.

All NewZapp accounts can have a basic mobile responsive template added to their accounts for free, or you can work with our design team on something a little more bespoke.

Not including social media buttons
Integrating social media into your emails helps to boost word of mouth publicity. Forgetting social buttons is a critical mistake, and while it’s unlikely to lose you subscribers, it’s costing you potential loyal fans. It’s also important to put social share buttons in your email so that the content can be easily shared and hopefully seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of potential new customers.