Essential responsive email code: fluid content alignment

Like a cool, clear, misty dawn yet another in our Essential responsive email code series peeps coyly over the horizon as we roll up our collective sleeves and get involved with the mystical voodoo of re-arranging the metaphorical furniture on mobile devices using little more than tables and a handful of floats.

Gentlefolk, please be upstanding for ... 

... fiendishly fluid content alignment.

Essential responsive email code: fluid content alignment

A brief note about why you should be careful not to 'float' orff ...

If anything is ever going to cause you to pull out your chin hair and rend your shirt in twain, CSS 'floats' are the very things - ask any web designer.

Within the confines of HTML emails especially they must be treated with the greatest of respect and used very sparingly. Always be acutely aware of which exact element you are applying what exact style to.

More sage wisdom

We also advise adding the rspnsv-elmnt and both of the rspnsv-elmnt-ctr classes together as a group to your Media query. This makes them handy for applying to table cells to make them into block-level elements and to align table cell content centrally. Again, use sparingly.

Wither the next blog? Pray patience, good people. 

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